What Is The Key To Assuring The Skillset Of Your Frontline Workforce?

In this series, we focus on helping the next generation of frontline leaders and workers with companies and operation businesses where safety and technical skills are required. So far, we’ve looked at two main issues: In the US, there is a growing skills gaps between generations on the frontline, which is contributing to the rise […]

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What Does it Take to Develop a Competency Program?

Glad to see you’ve pressed onward! So, in the second of our three articles, we’ll focus this article on understanding how a competency management system works, and the advantages of having a CMS program to develop the skills of a new and emerging workforce here in the US. Have you ever started a new job, […]

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After 47 Years Of Dropping TRIR Rates, WHY Are They Now On The Rise?

Injury and fatality rates are increasing in the US with a younger workforce lacking experience, while at the same time our boomer workforce is retiring. While many factor are at play here, this is most likely the leading actor in why workplace injuries and facilities are on the rise here in the US.

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Using Gamification to Engage Next Generation Workers

Gamification is a method of using game principles and systems to enhance learning. People learn and retain information better when the method of information transmission is engaging and interactive. If a company applied gamification techniques to help their employees develop their “skillset” while showing them a clear line of sight on different career paths they could potentially take within a company, this would go a long way toward helping to retain the next generation workforce.

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