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Jim Wetherbee, Safety Culture Expert and 5-time space shuttle commander, states the following: “Managers in their organizations manage risk with systematic and structured processes intended to limit the assessed risk. But, even in the best organizations, when it’s time to go to work, operators don’t manage risk; they control risk. To work effectively and stay alive, the front-line workers need operating techniques for controlling risk to supplement the structured rules and procedures promulgated by manager to manage risk.”

“Great human endeavors require great leaders.”

Frontline operating environments have inherent risk that go with them. In Gary Wong’s ‘Age of Cognitive Complexity’ where Safety 2.0 comes into play, assuring your workforce is prepared to address those risk, key elements must be in place. In order to establish and maintain a culture of safety in any organization, the frontline leaders are the ones responsible for ensuring the key elements are in place and supported.  The frontline leaders set expectations by providing structure and specifying practices. The frontline leaders manage the performance of the workforce and provided the needed support to be successful in their mission. The frontline leaders hold each other accountable and verify performance in the workplace.

Our team provide you the guiding principles, safety competencies,  and training needed for your organization to build and maintain a “Generative” Safety Culture that say’s; Safety is in our DNA; it how we do things around here.

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