Performance Assessment Solutions

Need to know and understand the skills gaps your frontline leaders and workers have?

We provide qualified and experienced assessors/evaluators who conduct live knowledge and performance assessments on site, based on your competency management program.

Our assessor/evaluators know and fully understand occupational competency and how it’s practically applied in the workplace where safety and technical skills are required. Our assessors/evaluators have spent the majority of their careers in the job roles they assess in. (ie; a mechanical assessor will only assess your mechanic’s).

Our assessors/evaluators, having previously worked as frontline technician’s, know how to put your frontline leaders and workers at ease, so their assessments doesn’t seem like a “test” and more in line with them showing how they do a task.

We have assessors/evaluators for all frontline job roles. Let us help you with your next generation frontline workforce today.

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