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Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky said; “Career progression doesn’t just happen, it is developed over time and experiences.”

The “Ladder of Success” was a popular idiom of the baby boomer generation. To the next generation, that path is seen as a very narrow way to progress one’s career. If the ladder is the way to succeed and progress one’s career, then that means only ONE person at a time gets to go up the ladder. If you haven’t noticed, our millennial generation isn’t standing in that line. Our Next Generation isn’t standing in that line, the way the “boomer” gen did.Our Next Generation isn’t standing in that line, the way the “boomer” gen did. In fact, they are looking for NEW ways to progress their careers and we need to pay attention and not do things the way we always have. Cathy Benko… and her team developed the “Lattice of Success” where our next generation is allowed to move side to side while remaining in their current job roles. This allows our next generations exposure to other roles and responsibilities and allows managers/leaders to better see where skillsets are developing and move individuals into roles better suited for when and in which they have a strong desire to learn.

We use “Gamification” techniques to help organization move their next-generation workers through the “lattice” with proven competency assessment. This allows progression based on meeting approved standards and not personal opinions. We help establish goals/objectives with accountability put in place as a way to measure and reward. This process allows you to spot future potential leaders, so you can start them on a leadership track where still in their current position, so they are better prepared once you’re ready to promote them into that new leadership role.

Our company is focused on our next generation frontline workforce and we can help you attract and retain them. The TOP 3 reasons our next gen gives for quitting their current jobs:

  1. “I hate my boss!!!”
  2. “NO ONE is helping me develop my skills”
  3. “There is no room to grow my career here!”

We can help you get these 3 issues fixed within your organization!

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