Audit/Verification Solutions

Audit is defined as; “an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, processes, or practices, typically by an independent body.

Verification is defined as; “the process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of something.”

In Audits or in Verifications it’s a crucial function to help ensure quality assurance within a organization. Audits show where the “gaps” are in our processes, based on what we say we do in our documentation, so we can work to close those gaps.  Verifications in a competency management system ensures that all individuals within the system are properly qualified and are assessed fairly and consistently to a specified standard vs someone’s “personal” opinion.

Both Audit and Verification have legal implications in the event something were to happen in an operating environment. As a manager of an operating company, you have the responsibility to ensure Polices, Practices, and Procedures are in place, maintained, reviewed, and confirmed are being used by the frontline leadership and workers. In an incident, law firms will sequester your documentation, hold interviews to determine did you do what you said you would do? 3rd party audits are insurance to help you manage this part of your operations.

Also, as a manager of an operating company, you are obligated to assure the competency of your frontline leaders and workers, which is normally managed through your Training Program. In the event of an incident where someone is hurt/killed, or there is significant environmental damage, then law firms will sequester your training and HR documentation, hold interviews to determine how the frontline leader or worker was signed off as “competent” to execute work on behalf of their company.

CCS can work with you to confirm your documentation and competency processes are all connected and that they are being conducted in the manner required by your company. And if they aren’t then our team can close the “gaps” to assure alignment across your organization.

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