Apprenticeship Solutions

Our Next Generation fronline workforce are asking us to help them build their #Skillset.

Apprenticeships are designed to do just that.  A new hire either goes to an Apprenticeship school or (normally in large operating companies) they are hired on with a company, then put into a 3-4 year apprenticeship before being let go in the operations solo.

The US doesn’t mandate Apprenticeship programs. While other industrialized nations require the apprenticeship before starting work. In the US we do have a government funded apprenticeship program where companies are encouraged to build an internal apprenticeship program and provides the new worker with trade skills they can use in their jobs and helps to keep them safe.

We can build your apprenticeship program to fit the requirements in your operating environment.  We use a training and competency assessment approach to helping the new hires develop the skillsets needed to safety and reliably fulfill their job duties and responsibilities.

We can help you also gain government recognition of your apprenticeship program as well through the US Department of Labor.

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