We actively listen to you, so we understand your issues, then collaborate to create solutions that fit your workforce

We connect with your frontline workforce to find out how they do their jobs safe each day to find the right solutions

DEVELOP We develop the agreed solutions that align with your processes, so they fit your operations frontline

We use the science developed by MIT to confirm the solutions work and fit your operations

ROLLOUT We then develop a change management strategy to communicate your new solutions within your company


Each project is achieved in five stages that are designed to reinforce consistency and quality in our products.

Our experience testifies that efficiency is born from a clearly expressed plan with resolute follow through, so our process is structured with multiple checkpoints that facilitate transparency and encourage your feedback throughout development.

We take care to ensure you know the end state of your product before the final delivery, and use open reporting practices to help you track the value of your investment at each milestone.

Competency Solutions

Competency Solutions

What does Competency mean? Competence and Competency are words that are thrown around today. Unfortunately, individuals seem to use them to mean different things, so what do the experts tell us about this subject? Lucia and Lepsinger provide this definition of a competency in their book, The Art and Science of Competency Models: “… ‘a cluster of related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that affects a major part of one’s job (a role or responsibility), that correlates with performance on the job, that can be measured against well-accepted standards, and that can be improved via training and development.”  In a competency model, we can see the integrated set of competencies required

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Compliance Solutions

“Compliance is an organizations conformance to a rule, specification, policy, standard, or law.” With an increasing number of regulations and a responsibility for operational transparency, many organizations struggle not only with compliance, but also with ensuring that they are not duplicating their efforts and resources. Our team can help you work through this to assure you’re meeting the requirements laid out by the States or Federal Government. Our consultants work with you to help define applicable internal and external policies, standards and regulations, and then assess systems and programs in place to support compliance. Our consultants can identify redundancies and duplications in efforts that might be redirected to other areas

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Safety Culture Solutions

Jim Wetherbee, Safety Culture Expert and 5-time space shuttle commander, states the following: “Managers in their organizations manage risk with systematic and structured processes intended to limit the assessed risk. But, even in the best organizations, when it’s time to go to work, operators don’t manage risk; they control risk. To work effectively and stay alive, the front-line workers need operating techniques for controlling risk to supplement the structured rules and procedures promulgated by manager to manage risk.” “Great human endeavors require great leaders.” Frontline operating environments have inherent risk that go with them. In Gary Wong’s ‘Age of Cognitive Complexity’ where Safety 2.0 comes into play, assuring your workforce

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Training Solutions

Training can be defined as “the development of a person’s knowledge & understanding”. With limited time and resources, organizations are often challenged to determine: What skills do we need to develop? What training is most needed? What training should be repeated and how often? How do we ensure the knowledge transfer and impact the training will have? Our team have spent most of their careers in operations, so they know what bad looks like, given all the boring training they had to sit through over the years. We conduct Training Needs Analysis or Training Program Assessments to help define critical knowledge, skills, and abilities for specific job roles or areas.

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Audit/Verification Solutions

Audit is defined as; “an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, processes, or practices, typically by an independent body. Verification is defined as; “the process of establishing the truth, accuracy, or validity of something.” In Audits or in Verifications it’s a crucial function to help ensure quality assurance within a organization. Audits show where the “gaps” are in our processes, based on what we say we do in our documentation, so we can work to close those gaps.  Verifications in a competency management system ensures that all individuals within the system are properly qualified and are assessed fairly and consistently to a specified standard vs someone’s “personal” opinion.

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Onsite HSE Solutions

Looking for competent & experienced safety specialist? Our HSE specialist have worked in a variety of operating industries where Health, Safety, and Environmental integrity is essential to the workplace. From construction sites, manufacturing sites, to oil & gas drilling/workover sites, we provide qualified HSE specialist to oversee your workers or the contractors doing your work. From hazard assessments and controls to reporting and managing your requirements. We can provide your company with qualified HSE professionals to help manage your contractor’s frontline workforce. We work for you to assure everyone on a worksite with the responsibility for workplace safety is following your company’s requirement for HSE. Our safety professionals have operational

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New Generation Workforce Success

Career Journey Solutions

Would you like to assure the competence of your frontline leaders? Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky said; “Career progression doesn’t just happen, it is developed over time and experiences.” The “Ladder of Success” was a popular idiom of the baby boomer generation. To the next generation, that path is seen as a very narrow way to progress one’s career. If the ladder is the way to succeed and progress one’s career, then that means only ONE person at a time gets to go up the ladder. If you haven’t noticed, our millennial generation isn’t standing in that line. Our Next Generation isn’t standing in that line, the way the “boomer” gen did.Our

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Apprenticeship Solutions

Our Next Generation fronline workforce are asking us to help them build their #Skillset. Apprenticeships are designed to do just that.  A new hire either goes to an Apprenticeship school or (normally in large operating companies) they are hired on with a company, then put into a 3-4 year apprenticeship before being let go in the operations solo. The US doesn’t mandate Apprenticeship programs. While other industrialized nations require the apprenticeship before starting work. In the US we do have a government funded apprenticeship program where companies are encouraged to build an internal apprenticeship program and provides the new worker with trade skills they can use in their jobs and

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Performance Assessment Solutions

Need to know and understand the skills gaps your frontline leaders and workers have? We provide qualified and experienced assessors/evaluators who conduct live knowledge and performance assessments on site, based on your competency management program. Our assessor/evaluators know and fully understand occupational competency and how it’s practically applied in the workplace where safety and technical skills are required. Our assessors/evaluators have spent the majority of their careers in the job roles they assess in. (ie; a mechanical assessor will only assess your mechanic’s). Our assessors/evaluators, having previously worked as frontline technician’s, know how to put your frontline leaders and workers at ease, so their assessments doesn’t seem like a “test”

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