Our Partnerships

CCS has developed strategic partnerships with companies we personally know and trust.

Take a look to see if these service providers could help bring value to your company’s frontline.

Training & Competency Enterprise System

There is no shortage of LMS tools to choose from, but hardly NO LMS/CMS tools that can help solve a series of problems with your next generation workforce and help you control your risk management program. This tool will historically track and record all your individual training and competency assessment data for your frontline workforce. CCS has partnered with iCAN to provide industries with an enterprise system that can be tailored to fit your organization where safety and technical skills are required. With their New AI tools, you can customize in seconds.

Basic Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, & PLC Training

Their courses can be customized to target the #skillset needs of your technicians and your organization. CCS has partnered with Orion to provide hands-on, classroom-based training and competency development, delivered by certified master technicians with decades of operational industry experience.

Compliance Management System

In search of a robust Compliance Management System (CMS) that empowers your operation with unparalleled flexibility? Look no further.  Our partner, Veris Global, offers a cutting-edge CMS App designed to offer a tailor-made solution for managing your operational, regulatory requirements. With an extensive user base exceeding 8,000 “Field Users,” this system stands out for its simplicity, ensuring seamless navigation for technicians, field foremen, and other users. The user-friendly interface allows individuals to engage with specific modules relevant to their tasks, streamlining workflows and boosting efficiency. Complimentary to CMS, Veris Global offers Apps that manage Safety essentials like:  Incident Reporting, JSA’s, BBS, MOC and Control of Work. Embrace simplicity without compromise with Veris Global’s advanced Compliance Management System. CCS has partnered with Veris Global to provide the Energy Industry an enterprise system customizable to your organizational needs, making compliance assurance a straightforward process that aligns with, and even exceeds, your regulatory requirements.

The CCS Difference


Our Team has worked in operational environments in a variety of job roles. We understand better than most what the heart, mind, and spirit of your frontline workforce is and how they do what they do every day for your company. We can make a difference.


Our developed learning and competency management processes can be adapted to fit your frontline leaders and workers. These defined processes help ensure alignment with your operational requirements and help build retention.


What is our next generation telling us about the workplace? One good this is our next generation workers are not shy about letting their opinions be known. Deloitte research shows that our next generation workforce is quitting companies on average, between 18-24 months after being hired. If you’re struggling to attract and retain your next generation frontline workforce, we can help.

Let our experienced consultants and frontline team help you build a legacy that supports YOUR company’s Next Generation Workforce.

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