SAFE-D 2024 Annual Conference | February 22- 24, 2024 – Irving, TX

SAFE-D 2024 Annual Conference February 22- 24, 2024 – Irving, TX  Our owner, Daryl Brister will be speaking at the 2024 Texas ESD SAFE-D Conference in Irving, TX, about our next generation skills and how formal competency assessments plays a big role in their development. He will center on the role of the qualified assessor […]

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What Is The Key To Assuring The Skillset Of Your Frontline Workforce?

In this series, we focus on helping the next generation of frontline leaders and workers with companies and operation businesses where safety and technical skills are required. So far, we’ve looked at two main issues: In the US, there is a growing skills gaps between generations on the frontline, which is contributing to the rise […]

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Want to sit in and audit one of our instructor led training courses?

Contact us to schedule a time when we’re running training, to sit and audit our program and speak with our clients about the outcomes they’re receiving from their frontlines learning and development in our programs.

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Events are held on the fourth Thursday of each month, from 5:30PM to 8:00PM at the following location:

Come join us for our monthly mixer event where local business professionals gather to connect, share ideas, and grow their networks. This event is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone interested in expanding their business

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What Does it Take to Develop a Competency Program?

Glad to see you’ve pressed onward! So, in the second of our three articles, we’ll focus this article on understanding how a competency management system works, and the advantages of having a CMS program to develop the skills of a new and emerging workforce here in the US. Have you ever started a new job, […]

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