Daryl Brister

Daryl Brister


CCS was started in 2014 and is led by Daryl Brister, a training and competency specialist who has spent his career in operating environments. His experiences have taken him around the world implementing competency programs and managing an international technical training consultancy group. He has expertise in the development and management of world-class competency programs that meet both US and international standards and regulations.

He has been concerned with the retiring “Boomer” generation from the American fronline workforce and the skills gap they are leaving. Our next generation workers no longer have the more senior and experienced workers to help them learn the practical safety and technical skills they need to be successful in their careers. So, as a result of the boomer exodus, they are taking all this “tribal knowledge” they’ve acquired over the last 30+ years, out the door when they leave.

Companies have been so dependent on “Training” new hires, then having the senior workers take the new hires to “show them the ropes.”   We now have a very reduced number of experienced and senior workers, so our next generation workers are left alone in the workplace to figure it out on their own. Training alone won’t build the competency needed in our next generation workforce to keep a companies’ safety and production on track.

CCS was started with a focus to help “Pay it Forward” to our next generation so how to develop their careers isn’t such a mystery. We help them build their #skillset so their careers can move in an upward direction.

Brenton Brister

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Growing up reading, Brenton was always keenly aware of the importance of learning and development. He continually strives to strengthen his personal competency across a variety of sales processes, customer service, and structured client support roles, as well as organizational and operational analysis in both client-facing as well as field environments. Brenton has always strived to create and utilize innovative methods in the pursuit of continuously expanding an efficient and productive work mindset and skillset across the entirety of his career. 

At CCS, he is responsible for establishing long-term business growth and establishing project development opportunities, with both new and existing clients that run and maintain frontline operations workforces, across a variety of industries. He points out that a company’s frontline leaders and workers are our main focus. They are the ones responsible for the safety and technical competency necessary to run their company’s operations day to day. We provide the resources they need to help them build and develop the knowledge, skills, and ability required in their job roles.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a focus on Finance and Marketing. Brenton enjoys spending his time outside of the office with his family, especially teaching his daughter about the outdoors and how to fish! A quote that he considers especially significant in his life, is from the author Samuel Clemens (who is more famously known as Mark Twain), “Challenges make life interesting, however, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

John Zenkner

Project Manager

John’s background has been in the Safety and Loss Control professional space, with broad experience in loss control and safety management activities. He has worked extensively in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing (Pulp and Paper) and the Insurance industry. He has experience working at the fronline of facility operations in safety, at the divisional level of an organization, as well as serving in senior management.

He works with our clients to manage our project teams, so that we help them achieve the highest rate of return on their investment in us, with their frontline workforce. It really is about making a difference for our next generation workforce.

John holds a B.S, in Engineering Technology from Texas A&M. He enjoys time with his family including traveling and holiday events.  He is an avid sports fan particularly anything involving the Texas A&M Aggies.  In his spare time, he can be found at home relaxing with his wife and watching a movie.

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