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Who is Competency Consultancy Solutions and WHY are we doing what we’re doing?

CCS was started to help pay it forward to our Next Generation Frontline Workforce here in America. When I started my career on the frontline, I had to figure it out all on my own. No one was going to help me because it was the unspoken right-of-passage in the “blue collar” world; “no one helped me, so let’s see what you’re made of kid!”

CCS is about using practical know-how to help take the mystery away for our next generation workforce on developing their career. We focus on 3 main things (the reason for X3):

HEARTSET – Put your heart into making a commitment into doing what it takes to develop yourself in your job role.

MINDSET – Have a focus on learning. Build your knowledge and understanding of all the requirements of your job.

SKILLSET – Like keeping yourself in shape at the gym, work to build your competency (skills) through performance assessments and feedback.

Our Mission is to help our clients reduce risk, improve performance, and protect lives.

Having worked in a high hazard workplace, I had the responsibility to training others in the operations of our facility. Management at the time didn’t have a strong focus on safety, so when workers don’t know, what they don’t know, it leads to problems. Our plant exploded  and I found myself as the first responder trying to save a friend and co-worker who died in my hands as we waited on life-flight.

I knew then there had to be more than just training workers and assuming they knew what to do. I found “Occupational Competence” and the rest is history. Our programs focus on helping our clients’ frontline leaders and workers develop their safety and technical competency, so they make informed decisions before carrying out an action.

Our work has caught the attention of Jim Wetherbee, US Navy Test Pilot (Ret), America’s only 5-time Space Shuttle Commander and former Director of NASA’s Flight Crew Operations. Jim has endorsed us  and our programs that focus on the “sharp end of the stick” at the frontline of operations.

Our People and why they matter.

I spent a year at MIT, after the company I was working for had a major event that killed 15 workers. I was selected to be part of a team to work with the MIT experts on training and competency development of that company’s frontline leaders. These frontline leaders who had been technicians in their earlier careers and had gotten good enough to get to become a “lead tech,” who then were promoted into their first leadership role. Most had little or no leadership development at all.

What I learned from the MIT experts was that to gain buy-in from these frontline leaders, you had to have facilitators and coaches who had themselves been frontline leaders at some point in their careers.

The CCS Difference


Our Team has worked in operational environments in a variety of job roles. We understand better than most what the heart, mind, and spirit of your frontline workforce is and how they do what they do every day for your company. We can make a difference.


Our developed learning and competency management processes can be adapted to fit your frontline leaders and workers. These defined processes help ensure alignment with your operational requirements and help build retention.


The data shows (Deloitte) that our next generation workforce is quitting companies on average, between 18-24 months after being hired. They tell is 3 main reasons for quitting:

#1- “I hate my boss”
#2- “No one is helping me develop my skills here”
#3- “There are no opportunities to move up in this company”

If you’re struggling to attract and retain your next generation frontline workforce, we can help.

Let our experienced consultants and frontline team help you build a legacy that supports YOUR company’s Next Generation Workforce.

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